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Hyundai Motor Finance is committed to empowering your Hyundai driving experience by creating exceptional opportunities to finance, lease, and protect your vehicle. Providing first-class solutions for both individuals and businesses, we are continually developing new ways to serve you. Our goal is to provide the best financing options, reliable and responsive service. Whether you choose to finance or lease your vehicle, we make financing your next Hyundai easy, affordable, and convenient. Enjoy these unique advantages when you finance with us.

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Loyalty has its advantages. We frequently offer custom programs that benefit our existing and repeat customers.

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Leasing gives you the opportunity to drive a new Hyundai with unique benefits. When you lease with Hyundai Motor Finance, you can enjoy low monthly payments and a factory-backed warranty, all while experiencing the most cutting-edge design and technology.

When you lease a Hyundai, you’re able to drive a new vehicle and enjoy the benefits of ownership without a permanent commitment. Leasing gives you access to the latest vehicles, usually at a lower monthly payment.

Lease contracts can vary in length. At the end of your lease term, you will have several options. If you are ready for a new Hyundai, simply return your vehicle to your dealer and lease a new one. If you want to continue enjoying your current vehicle, you can contact us for a payoff quote. Hyundai Motor Finance can make it easier to drive the vehicle you want most. Find out which options best fits your lifestyle and budget:

  • More vehicle for your money
  • Reduced or no down payment
  • Often lower payments when compared to finance
  • GAP coverage included
  • Shorter terms offer more flexibility
  • Potential tax benefits
  • Option to purchase at lease-end

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to make your leasing experience easy. Explore answers to common leasing questions below.


Experience the thrill of Hyundai ownership with financing that fits: Hyundai Motor Finance makes purchasing your vehicle an optimal experience, including world-class service. (Hyundai Motor Finance retail financing only available at select dealerships.)

In order to purchase your vehicle, you may consider a loan. When you finance your vehicle with Hyundai Motor Finance, we work with you to create a balanced payment plan that fits your needs and budget.

As a vehicle owner, you have more control over your vehicle’s ongoing value, including mileage and physical condition. You can keep your vehicle for as long as you love driving it, and when you’re ready for a new vehicle, you can explore options including trading in toward a new Hyundai. Hyundai Motor Finance can make it easier to drive the vehicle you want most. Our financing options are designed to fit your lifestyle and budget. Find out which financing benefits are your best fit:

  • Full ownership of your vehicle
  • No limit on mileage
  • No monitoring of your vehicle’s condition

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to make your vehicle financing experience easy. Explore answers to common financing questions below.

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